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EV Biologics Updates on Excyte Subsidiary Funding

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TAMPA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 3, 2023 / EV Biologics Corp, OTC PINK:YECO, today announced that it has now closed $1,000,000 of its $2.5 million initial capitalization goal.

One hundred thousand shares (100,000) have been issued at $10 per share, out of a total issuance of ten million shares to EV Biologics. Excyte, a wholly owned subsidiary, was launched in August 2022, with $100 Million valuation. The Company aims to close the balance of the capital raise before the end of Q1, 2023.

This funding will provide for further optimization of our primary stem cell bank isolation and expansion along with scale-down biomanufacturing process development. Some of these funds will also be allocated to analysis of the biomolecular composition and the biological activity of composite stem cell secretome products and their constituent vesicular and non-vesicular nanoparticle fractions to advance EV Biologics’ ongoing secretome product development.

CEO, Daniel Mckinney, said “By illuminating the complex mechanisms and principal bioactive components of the stem cell secretome, we can accelerate our product and process development toward standardized biomanufacturing of our regenerative therapeutics for better health and longevity. Our audacious goal is to revolutionize modern medicine by unraveling the complex mechanisms of stem cell therapy and apply this understanding to recreate defined regenerative therapeutics.”

To execute its biotechnology innovations and minimize capital requirements, Excyte is developing essential product and process technologies in parallel with its primary therapeutic development pathway through collaboration with best-in-class commercial partners. Intellectual property, patents, proprietary process, and product development will be held by Excyte in support of EV Biologics.

About EV Biologics

EV Biologics (formerly Yulong Eco-Materials Limited) is a Wyoming, USA domiciled Biotechnology Company, developing a range of nanotherapeutics to substantially enhance the intrinsic bioactivity of stem and progenitor cell-derived nanoparticles. The Company is also developing biomanufacturing, bioinformatic and bioengineering innovations to optimize production of nanoparticle therapeutics and biologics. These versatile therapeutic platforms will enable generation of nanotherapeutics targeting a broad range of regenerative medicine and longevity applications.

About Excyte

Excyte, a wholly owned subsidiary of EV Biologics, Inc., is founded on the idea that potent biotherapeutics and a deeper understanding of health, disease and aging can be obtained from living cells. Our mission is to further the understanding of the complex interactions between the multiplex of functional biomolecules that comprise cell-derived nanotherapeutics and the interconnected cellular pathways of biological systems in disease and aging. The Company is focused on innovation in biomanufacturing, bioengineering, bioanalytics and machine learning in support of a versatile platform for on-demand precision nanotherapeutic development for any clinical indication. Our innovative approach to longevity will use a multi-functional nanotherapeutic platform to deliver the right bioactive molecules to diseased, damaged or aging cells to restore health, combat aging and provide a longer health span.

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YECO has 7.22 million shares issued and outstanding with a float of 1,016,375 shares.

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